Dental Partners


16607 Blanco Rd., Suite 1104 
San Antonio, TX  78232
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday - 8am to 5pm
Fridays - 8am to noon

Working Interviews:  For purposes of payroll, Dental Partners takes the responsibility of being the "Employer of Record" by paying our Temporaries directly, deducting and matching all the appropriate Federal and State Taxes. No TWC claims to answer for our Clients.  And no expensive self-employment taxes to pay or multiple 1099s for our Temporaries. 

We are an active member of the Texas Dental Placement Network, The TDPN is an association of independently owned dental placement services networking together to share knowledge, information and resources. Our membership is another valuable tool that helps us provide the most comprehensive placement services for our Clients, Temporaries and Applicants. 

Our goal is to provide the best employment services for our Dental Community.

For your peace of mind, all information is considered confidential.

For an urgent/last minute Temporary need or changes in your schedule that will effect the next business day, please call our office - listen to the message for the number to reach us after hours, during the weekend or a holiday.

DENTAL PARTNERS - (210) 408-6349



At Dental Partners our only business is your employment needs.

Services include: Temporary Placements: Full Time/Part Time, long or short term, planned ahead or short notice and Permanent Placements: Full Time or Part Time.  

Dental Partners Clients:  We work to find an applicant that has the experience, skills, knowledge and personality that will be a "match" for the position you need to fill. To help us achieve this goal we advertise in multiple publications, screen all the applicant calls, schedule appointments, conduct one-on-one, in-depth interviews, check references, perform skills assessments and more at no cost to you unless/until we are successful.  Temporary Services are available to help you when your employee is not available to you due to sickness, vacation, maternity leave, surgical leave, etc.  We can provide Temporary help while you are looking for your next permanent employee.

Dental Partners Applicants:  We help you with Temporary or Permanent Placements according to your needs. You can work around your current work schedule, school hours or childcare needs. We want to help you find the office/practice that will suit your experience, skills, salary and benefit needs.  We have exclusive openings in top-notch dental practices.  All at no cost to you. 

For All Your Employment Needs